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In Which: The Creaks Boys don't really discuss Montauk very much, but instead discus the ideas around the conspriacy and utter, utter filth and nonsense

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WARNING: this podcast is intended for mature listeners, and has explicit language from the start. 

Welcome to the first episode of The Abyss Stares Back, the podcast where two Londoners (Gerard & Mark) talk about pop culture over drinks!

This month, Gerard and Mark talk about the Transformers Masterpiece toyline. 


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DHD, Gary Gary and Wiild Bill are back with more computer game chatter, gaming news, & Take a look back at the first games listeners completed!

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The Fluffenhammer Ep 08 - Johnny Rotting - George and Adam welcome Dave Mence to the show to discuss his re-entry into the hobby,and discuss Nurgle to great length. Plus! Frogs!

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Welcome to the very first episode of Speed Reading, the Gotta Go Droidcast all about Sonic The Comic, the official UK Sega comic book that ran from 1993 - 2002.

Each episode, Adam Nicol, Matt Clarke, Sam Palmer and Chris McFeely looks at a story arc in chronological order, and give their thoughts.

Here, our heroes talk about the Stay Sonic (essentially the Sonic The Hedgehog story bible) and issues 1 - 5 of STC, where we witness the creation of Northern Tufty! 

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- In Which: The boys take a long hard look at the Russian Wizard, then themselves, and then at a part of male anatomy, then themselves again

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