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Tricky Tries Ep 02 - Heroes of Cosplay

This time, those Pesky Special Guests have brought horror to the Table Of Tricky. Reality Show Horror! Be afeared, Be scared, Be Warned!

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Lock-In 133 - Behind The Toys with Hauke Scheer

Gruff n Jii have the distinct pleasure of sitting with Hauke Scheer, creator of The Mechawhales, and discussing in the ins and outs of 3d printing toys, what makes the 80's a great time for designers and what not to do with a sausage.

You can find Hauke Scheer's Website HERE:

And the Mechawhale site HERE:

Deep Fried Figures:

And a DeviantArt Page :

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Lock-In 132 - The Dreamwave Roundtable (From The Archives)

The second ever show that we ever did is dredged out of the archives for you "enjoyment", This time round...It's the Dreamwave Era!

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Lock In 131 - Behind The Toys with John Kent

Thanks to @JohnDoctorKent for the time taken tonight to talk about his experiences in bringing back Mordles, Manglors and Roboforce.

You can find these at

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Lock-In 130 - Ghostbusters For Halloween

Due to plans falling apart last moment, Gruff, Rob, Becca and a hastily kidnapped Jii sat down to watch 2 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.

When Halloween Was Forever


Mr Sandman.

This is the tale of that endeavor, decided, recorded and organized in under a hour....

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The Arcade opens once again to talk about anything other than the topics in hand. Zombie games are spotlighted and all your base are belong to Teasedale.

You can find As Long As We Live HERE

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Art Of Noise Ep 17 - The Smell of Cinema

The Art of Noise takes a quick trip through a world of moviethemes, before detouring into a long talk with that talkativetriggercon... Tricky!

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From The Archives! As Picked by Colin Duff / @Duffinism

Be warned, the sound quality of this show is ....pretty bad. It was recorded on our original equipment, which was quite terrible.

Grufflock, DarkAgeis and Khaosenvy AKA Khaosenvy AKA Rob discuss the Transformers series that brought the old fans back into the fold.

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Lock-In 128  - Transformers The Movie (1986) Commentary

Originally planned as one of our Anniversary shows for Quick, Change The Channel, I feel that Gruff, Rob and Stu sitting and watching the 1986 TF movie should be a Lock-In and a Lock-In only.

After all..... Its a good film... Isn't it?

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OOA EP 10 - G. I. JII 2

The Arcade Returns to both reference a old Lock-In from about 2 years ago, and to power through a ton of gaming talk. Spotlight is all GTA baby!

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Art_Of_Noise_ep_04 - Darn Tootin' Space Shootin'

Its been a while, hasn't it?

Track Listing

1- Descent Intro
2 - Elite Intro / Docking
3 - Elite 2 theme / in the hall of the mountain king
4- Wing Commander Theme
5 - Tachyon: The Fringe End Credits
6 - Freespace - ambient 1
7 - Star Citizen - Hanger Module
8 -Final Fantasy 8 - Intro
9 - Command and Conquour - Hellmarch
10 - Robocop (8-bit)
11 - Diggy Diggy Hole Song (Minecraft)

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QCTC EP 16 - The Rocketeer

Rob flies with the original movie metal clad hero...The Rocketeer! Joining him for such aerial audio is Logan_Blaze (Paul) and Tricky (Tricky)

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The Ol' Arcade bounces about and shows you exactly why you should be glad that you're you, and not us.

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The DangerZone Ep 2 - The Marine

Tricky and Andy take on the world of WWE films again, this time, with ONE OF THE BEST! SNAP! Its the Marine! and you need to tweet @cctfw or @tricky1414 with the magic phrase to get the next episode!

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Lock-In 127 - The Path Least Trodden

After a unscheduled break, The Lock-In Returns! Chatter, a return of a old idea and twittorrrrrs!

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Lock-In 126 - AA 2013

The lookback at AA begins. Warning! this is a long as hell show, with lots of bits and parts throughout. Enjoy, and roll on AA 2014

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Lock-In 125 - Tea And Crumpets with James Roberts

After kidnapping James Roberts just his AA was coming to an end, we begin chatting. And chatting. And we barely even scratched the surface. Enjoy!

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Happy Hour EP 25 - AA 2013

The post AA shows begin. First up, it's the long-killed off happy hour, in a very loud bar... very late at night. The background noise makes it a little difficult at times, but we hope you enjoy.

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Road To AA Ep 08 - Sprite, White and Williams

This is it guys! The last Road to AA is here! And it is..... wow. It's a beautiful moment in time, caught forever....

Sprite - @Spritebot

Adam White - @Ad8m

Simon "Wonder Man" Williams - @SoulManInc

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Road to AA 007 - Carter N' Paler

The end is nigh! The final stretch is in sight! Kris Carter (@Drivaar) and Sam Palmer (@Sam_Palmer_37) join us us for this next to final episode!

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Road To AA Ep 006 - Brad N' Luffy

It's gettin' closer. Oilhouse First Timers Beautiful Brad and Lovely Luffy take us..take us..Look. This just gets weird fast okay? Just sit sit back and enjoy....

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Road to AA Ep 005 - Chris N' Andy

For this stretch, Messrs Chris McFeely (@chrismcfeely) and Andrew Turnbull (@AndrewDTurnbull) both pull up a chair and continue the journey

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Road To AA Ep 004  -Tricky and Daniel

The road continues with a Happy Hour theme. Tricky (@tricky1414) and daniel (
@lshajaghhhhkljklrammmmm4555544455 / @llahsram555) proceed to talk on Auto Asembly and various things of that ilk.

P.S. Tricky's fake name is Mark. Just so you know.

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Road to AA 003 - Mr Ben and Mr Dave

The Road gets a bit silly... Dave (@Kalelprime) makes his second appearance on the Oilhouse and for the second time, destroys the audio. Mr Benn's Collectable (@benscollectables) also appears and looks on at the sight of a rampage, mead obsessed duo twitter on about masked men. Please. Feel sorry for Mr Benn.

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Road to AA 002 - Mikey n Andy

The Road Continues! Follow the path to debauchary with those dirty Moonbase 2 dwellers, Andy (@cctfw) and Mikey (@IrishPalaeo)

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Road To AA 001 - Matt n' Bob

The Road To AA starts here. We get Matt (@Timey2Wimey) and Bob (@toku_bob) in to begin the chatter!CCVCMN

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Art Of Noise Ep 03 - Real Time Sillyness

This weeks theme is the RTS Genre, and we welcome JiiDee into the guest seat.

Track Listing
Stronghold Crusader Music - Caravan
Amiga music- Utopia (music 4 - intro)
HomeWorld 2 SoundTrack - Battle Sajuuk
Dune II The Building of a Dynasty (PC) - Evil Harkonnen
Emperor Battle for Dune - Harkonnen- War for the Spice
Herzog Zwei - There is no Time to Lose [Genesis] Music
C&C Red Alert music (Hell March)
Dungeon Keeper - Horned Reaper Theme
Warcraft II music Orcs
Echoes of War - Eradicate and Evolve
Total Annihilation Soundtrack - Fire and Ice
Mega lo Mania (amiga) Intro
Supreme Commander - There will be peace (music)
Empire Earth - Shadows
Warhammer 40,000- Dawn of War Soundtrack -  Ork Theme

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Art of Noise EP 02 - Streets Of Golden Fury

For the first, non-experiment episode, The theme is 2d side scrolling fighters.

Track Listing:

Scott Pilgrim - Another Winter
River City Ransom - Boss Battle
Burning Fight - Sub Boss
Cadiliacs and Dinosaurs - 47th street
Double Dragon Stage One
Streets of Rage - Intro -(Megadrive)
Turrican 2 - Traps -(Amiga)
Guardian Heroes - Rough N Ready
Batman Returns (snes) stage 2-1
Golden axe - Turtle Village
Battletoads - Ragnarok Highway
Comix Zone page 1-1
maximum carnage megadrive / snes
FINAL FIGHT CD Battle In Westside

Guest Picks - Timey2wimey
Portal - Lullaby

Listener Choice - Spritebot

Final Fantasy 9 - Melodies Of Life

Final Fantasy Crisis Core - Why

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Art Of Noise - Ep 01

A bit of a pet project this one, Gruffy talks about music from the media of Gaming, grabbing a guest along the way.

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Lock In 122 - Bearing Botcon

We welcome Stu back from fighting his whale fighting days to see through the Weekend of Botcon

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Lock In 121 - The Rage and The Wrath

Rob, Ross n Adam take the Lock-In by the horns and inserts a whole new load of segments for your enjoyment!

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Lock-In 120 - Riding A Wild Bill

A bit of an odd show this time out, but full of the vim and vigour you've come to expect.

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OOA EP 07 - E3 Part 2 - The Consoles

The E3 crazy continues, beginning with the answer to Whats That Sound? And new consoles talk via piracy and possibly dinosaurs.

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OOA EP 06 - E3 Part One - The Games

Gruff, Ross, Wildbill and GARYGARRRRRRRRY begin a two part look at E3. This ep is alll about the games.

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RT 36 - Game Of Thrones Season One

it's a spoilercast! Be warned as Andy, Tricky and Gruffy attempt to unravel the first season of Game of Throne to..mixed results!

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OOA S2 EP05 - The Sounds Of Childhood

The Ol' Arcade Sings for its supper

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The Care Package

A little mystery of an episode in the name of our very own Nicole D. Hale @BeatlesDiva

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QCTC EP 15 - Mortal Kombat

To save Earthrealm from utter immolation, three brave warriors band together to stop Shang W.S. Anderson from winning his tenth tournament. Or... Rob, DHD and Tricky take on.... MOOOOOORRRTALLL KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBAT!

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Lock-In 119 - Agents of SHAZAM!

Its a two-show deal tonight! You gets 118, AND 119 on the same day!

With Stu still of fighting the grimecrime, Gruffy, Rob and a mysterious stranger tackle funky things of geekery, throw a new idea into the mix and tweeterate some answers!

Oh yes. First person to name the beginning of the show wins a prize.

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Lock-In 118 - Question Carvery Time!

3 men bravely step up the plat of questions and listen to the meat of inquiry!

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In the memory of one of cinema's greats, the late Ray Harryhausen (June 29, 1920 – May 7, 2013), Rob, Stu and the oh so irish Mikey grab a film that can only be classed as COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS!

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The Ol Arcade Season 02 Ep 04 - SPOLYGONS!

We return to the Arcade to talk about Pre-Console gaming, if Final Fantasy was rubbish and Renegade.

There's a squeak that keeps appearing. It's not a mouse, but a old and sad table that will be replaced for the next ep.

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Lock-In 117 - Tea and Crumpets with Mairghread Scott

Writer of Rage of the Dinobots and the upcoming Beast Hunters from IDW, Mairghread Scott, decides to take a few moments to talk comics, food and elk. Huge thanks to Mairghread for allowing this to happen to her.

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Lock-In 116 - Musical Tales

The lock-in rises once again like a flatulent phoenix, burning...oh the burning...

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Lock-In 115 - Tea And Crumpets with Dirk Maggs

Gruffy, Tricky (tickles) and Matt have the pleasure to chatting with Dirk Maggs, the audio producer behind Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Batman:Knightfall and so much more.

Many thanks to Dirk for his time and patience through many, many technical difficulties.

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WE RETURN! With crows, hedgehogs and..well. A question.

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Lock-In 114 - Tea And Crumpets With Nick Roche

Huge thanks to Nick for coming on to talk about...oh man. The things we talk about. The utter filth.

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Lock In 113 - The Unprofessional Episode

Yeah, we made an episode. It's been a few Here you go.

We're sorry....

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Lock-In 112 - Bricking Up Ultrabale

We return with a brand spanking new Twitt-Orr Challenge and a tale of woe involving Rip Taylor and Megatron. Enjoy!

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Lock-In Ep 111 - Toyfare, Late Again

For the 3rd year running, we are late to the party in looking at Toyfair. However, way ahead of anybody when it comes to Boris "The Tzar" Bushkin

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Iacon 201  Ep 11 Vs GBakes

The tricky Tricky takes on the mind of Happy Hour-er Garry to persuse the depths of dislikes...

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A new segment? A old segment given a polish? What is this...Being professional on the arcade? Not on your life...

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Lock in Ep 110 - Lock-In Ep 110 - One Of Our Beards Is Missing

With Grufflock roaming the plains of Valhalla for Odin' Darkageis takes over the show and brings some friends with him to talk about... stuff....

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Iacon 201 - Ep 10 - Vs Mikey.mp3

This time out, Tricky takes Moonbaser Mikey by the hand for a lengthy discussion of the popping sound of anger in the Irish brain.

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Happy Hour - Ep 23 - Coda

Tricky, Slick n Stu all get together to talk about the Happy Hour project, and give it a final farewell

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Lock-In 109 - The Moths Of Moore

We take a look at the geekery that we find interesting, quiz Twitter on how to annoy DHD and listen to "Alan Moore" in enough depth to get us into a lot of trouble

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Lock - In 108 - Question Carvery 6

The Carvery returns all full of Love Drugs. Be warned, this gets odd fast.

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Iacon 201 Ep 10 - Vs Denim Cowboy

Happy hour regular Kev comes on to see what he can throw to the festering pool of Iacon. And.....does something very odd...

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Happy Hour 23 - The Last Day

This is it. The end of the Happy Hour. A big thank you to all who have taken part, and good luck to them in their future projects. 

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Ol Arcade Season 2 EP 1 - ALPHARUNT

The Ol' Arcade rises like a phoenix from the ashes of ..the ..Oileys' Ol' Arcade.....

Talkin' games of all shapes and sizes! 

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Iacon 201 EP 09 - Vs Daniel 555

This week, Tricky takes on the mind of Lars...lash...Liama...Daniel. 555. 

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Lock - in 107 - Podcast Vs Podcast

As a end of year special, The Old Oilhouse (Team Oilhauser) takes on The Moonbase 2 (.........oh lord) in a cut throat, battle to the death of the highest order. A PUB QUIZ!

Direct download: Lock_-_in_107_-_Podcast_Vs_Podcast.mp3
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Happy hour 22 - The Beginning Of The End

It's almost over. This week, the gang talk all sorts, including Pacific Rim and Monster Fighters.

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