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We discuss the burning issues in all forms of pop culture!

Miky and Rob head on out to look at the marketing behind the biggest dinosaur-is-created-by-scientists-and-goes-on-a-rampage movie of this summer!

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Gruffy, Dave "KalelPrime" Wallace and Andy Turnbull cast a eye over the comics of the 90s, and prepare you for whats to come...

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This time out, Timey has grabbed that long-standing Oilhauser, Rob,  and dragged him down to the basement to discuss animation of japanese origins!



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Welcome to Kimia 16/02/15

Tricky and Stu get together again to discuss the newest Transformer news.
This week they talk about the new reveals from Toy Fair 2015.

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Originally planned and recorded as a Tricky Tries episode, this both went on for much longer than those episodes, and suffered the Curse o' the Skype, thus loosing the intro.

Now, redited into a roundtable, Tricky and Gruffy speak at great length about one, if not the, greatest western animated series since Avatar...

Time to jump....Over The Garden Wall

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Matt liks to kidnap people, drag them to  basment and make them talk about their experiences with the wide world of anime.


This is such an encounter!

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In order to kickstart and relaunch the Oilhouse, we gather a collection of motley people round to discuss burning issues in the world of comics!

And there is much burning....

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Rising once more to speak of many things anime, manga entertaiment and 90s wierdness (as wel as bus rides it seems) Matt, Ross and Paul canter headlong into the Electrical Video Emporium CyberRitz.

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The Arcade returns to (kinda) look to the year ahead and (sorta) talk about the games we played last year.

Also Skeletor and Spiders.

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