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This episode from the archives dealt with a full overview of our favorite robots based media. Originally released April 1st 2010.

That should tell you ALL you need to know....

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Lock-In - Episode 152 - From the Archives - Live Free Or Princess Bride

Ladies and Gentlemen, the first non-TF roundtable we did back in 2009: The Princess Bride.
My name is Grufflock. You ate my cake. Prepare to die.
As always with these Archive shows, the sound quality isn't up to scratch with our later stuff.


Old Arcade 3.6- Rifting Away

This time out, The Arcadians look at Chrono Trigger, The Occulus Rift and yet more Garfield on the Game Boy.....

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Lock-In 151 - Batman Dead End Roundtable

Gruffy grabs a Tricky, a Timey and a Sexy Sexy Ad8m to talk about a early 2000's fan film that really needs to be seen to be believed.

Find the video HERE

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Lock-n 150- A Randomizer Ep

Gruff N' Rob look to twitter to fill an episode..... oh dear god.

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