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Lock-In 158 - The Noise Of Art

Gruffy grabs the whole arcade team and forces them to listen to gaming music from days gone by.

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The Old Arcade - S03 EP08 - E3 LOOKEE LOOKEE

The Arcadians kinda sorta look at E3....

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Gruff grabs the Moonbasers (Andy and Mikey) to tackle the tumultuous Taskmaster! Seriously, this is one of the best comics Marvel has ever put out.

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Lock In Ep 156 - Behind The Toys With George and Ayleen Gaspar

The wonderful minds behind the Toybreak podcast and October Toys come on to chat to Gruffy and Jii about their toy-lovin', toy makin' lives and the current Skeleton Warriors kickstarter relaunch.




You can find Toybreak HERE

Skeleton Warriors reside HERE

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Lock-In 155 - Saturday Morning Viewing

Gruff, Stu, Rob and Wild Bill look back at how they spent Saturday mornings before hangovers.... And go to some very odd places during the voyage!

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Lock-In 154 - More Questions! More Cavery!

Wild Bill never leaves the bar anymore.... So we dusted him off, washed him down and gave him food and questions!

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The show is a big 'un this week. We talk about zombie survival minecraft style game 7 Days To Die and Billy's need to Garfield...

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