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OOA EP 10 - G. I. JII 2

The Arcade Returns to both reference a old Lock-In from about 2 years ago, and to power through a ton of gaming talk. Spotlight is all GTA baby!

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Art_Of_Noise_ep_04 - Darn Tootin' Space Shootin'

Its been a while, hasn't it?

Track Listing

1- Descent Intro
2 - Elite Intro / Docking
3 - Elite 2 theme / in the hall of the mountain king
4- Wing Commander Theme
5 - Tachyon: The Fringe End Credits
6 - Freespace - ambient 1
7 - Star Citizen - Hanger Module
8 -Final Fantasy 8 - Intro
9 - Command and Conquour - Hellmarch
10 - Robocop (8-bit)
11 - Diggy Diggy Hole Song (Minecraft)

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QCTC EP 16 - The Rocketeer

Rob flies with the original movie metal clad hero...The Rocketeer! Joining him for such aerial audio is Logan_Blaze (Paul) and Tricky (Tricky)

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The Ol' Arcade bounces about and shows you exactly why you should be glad that you're you, and not us.

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The DangerZone Ep 2 - The Marine

Tricky and Andy take on the world of WWE films again, this time, with ONE OF THE BEST! SNAP! Its the Marine! and you need to tweet @cctfw or @tricky1414 with the magic phrase to get the next episode!

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Lock-In 127 - The Path Least Trodden

After a unscheduled break, The Lock-In Returns! Chatter, a return of a old idea and twittorrrrrs!

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