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Lock-In Ep 20 - Just the news!

With Grufflock once again called away on matters of galatic importance, Rob and Stu go through the news. And become Potent.

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Iacon 101 - EP 11 - CobraCommander@TFW

Andy(CobraCommander@TFW) from the MoonBase 2 comes into Iacon 101 to talk TF. You talk TF?

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This week, we have have some odd noises in the background, and deal entirely in a no news, housekeeping ep due to trying a BIG roundtable, and failing miserably. Congratulations Tricky!

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Ep 18 - Missing In Action

With Grufflock away fighting the evils across the universe, Rob and Stu take the mantle with Paul the Unpronounceable One to attempt a very short Lock-In.

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The three of us brave the deadly lands of Cybertron, bringing you the first-view report of the WAR!


Apologies for the slightly off sound during this. Have found, and fixed the problem.

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A monster show, weighing in at 2 1/2 hours. The first half is the usual gossiping fools of the Old Oilhouse, the second half is Brian Kilby and the Radio Free Cybertron crew at Botcon 2010.

Thanks to Brain Kilby for doing this for us.
Check them out at:

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Iacon 101 - Ep 10 - Tricky

Forum member Tricky joins us to bring about the resurrection of the Iacon 101 shows.

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Lock-In Ep 15 - The Wait is Over

We talk about a load of fandom stuff, announce the surprise winner of the TF OCC NIghtbeat competition, and talk. A lot.

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