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LOCK-IN 138 - Tea and Crumpets With Alex Milne

Many thanks to Alex for jumping on to a chat with some very, very tired people.

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The one where Ross takes over, where we talk about Metroid, and get slaughtered by listener questions.

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Waaay back form the beginning of The Old Oilhouse, its Last Stand of The Wreckers!


Roundtable Wreck n Rule!

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A team of intrepid explorers get knee deep and dirty looking at Fleetway's 90's offering, Sonic The Comic. Gruff gets confused, Timey gets chatty and McFeely discovers just how far his reach extends.

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Many thanks to Logan Rogan for allowing us to cover his work, many thanks also to Dreadwind (Glenn) for playing Dreadwind (Dreadwind). Also thanks to a certain Dr Mellski for helping out at the last moment.

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