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The Happy Hour rolls on with some very interesting looks back at younger days.

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The Lock-In returns with a DHD in tow, and spend the time alloted speaking of so very little. SO VERY, VERY LITTLE.

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There is a reason for the explicit tag. This is it.

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The Arcadians return with more fun, frolics and swearing. Lots and lots of swearing. The technical issues that have plauges the Old Oilhous shows this week continue. This should be sorted soon though.

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Happy Hour Ep 8 - I Have A Rash

Unashemedly, the Happy Hour carries on. Like a Vocal Juggernaught.

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OOA 17.5 - DHD has just played Slender

DHD just played Slender for 45 mins. This is the broken end result.

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QCTC EP 12 - MegaForce

Stu and Rob are joined by the Sugar Bear to, what the hell is this MegaForce thing?

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Lock-In 96 - AA Memories

This was originally intended as a Happy Hour supplemental. Due to timing this week though, here it is in it's entirety as a Lock-In. Enjoy!

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Happy Hour Ep 7 - Broken People with No Hope

In the last ten mins or so, the sound quality takes a bit of a nose dive. Apologies for that.

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Lock-In 95 - Live From AA

A small tech-based-problem meant the actual audio for this episode was lost. forever. So we put out heads together and ripped this for a video casmera. apologies for the bad sound quality.

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Lock-In 94 - Livio Ramondelli Interview


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Happy Hour 6 - Live From AA

Whilst sitting in the bar at Auto Assembly....this happened. And it happened hard.

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Lock-In 92 - Are You Going To Auto Assembly?

Are you going to Auto Assembly?
Robots and beer and whisky and wine;
Remember me to ones who went there,
For once it was a true of mine.
Ask her to make me a Wreckers shirt,
Robots and Beer and Whisky and Wine;
Without any seam or needlework,
Then Amy may take this wallet of mine.
Tell me why I've came to this place,
Robots and toys and mead and wine;
I could have gone to outer space,
And not been this hungover this time.
Tell Timey to put down the hammer,
Robots and Toys and Mead And Wine;
KingGrimmy's Skystalkers are filling my mind,
One day I pray they shall be mine.
Now he has asked me questions three,
Robots and Dom and Mead and Wine;
I could not answer as I cannot see,
What did I do with my pint this time?
Tell him to buy me an boxed Overlord
Glenn and Phil and Jii and Wine
Betwixt The Cool Stuff and Kapow's Stalls,
When I get to Toy Fu He'll hear my calls
Tell him to plough it with a ram's horn,
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;
And sow it all over with one pepper corn,
And he shall be a true lover of mine.
Tell him to take my small amount of money,
Andy and Mikey and Paul oh my;
And I'll plead and cry and wail and weep
As I cuddle my half complete Magnus and sleep
Tell him to thrash it on yonder wall,
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme,
And never let one corn of it fall,
Then he shall be a true lover of mine.
When Simon has done and finished his work.
With Lots of Beer and Whisky and Wine:
Oh, tell him to come and he'll have his shirt,
And Amy may take this wallet of mine.

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