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The Care Package

A little mystery of an episode in the name of our very own Nicole D. Hale @BeatlesDiva

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QCTC EP 15 - Mortal Kombat

To save Earthrealm from utter immolation, three brave warriors band together to stop Shang W.S. Anderson from winning his tenth tournament. Or... Rob, DHD and Tricky take on.... MOOOOOORRRTALLL KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMBAT!

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Lock-In 119 - Agents of SHAZAM!

Its a two-show deal tonight! You gets 118, AND 119 on the same day!

With Stu still of fighting the grimecrime, Gruffy, Rob and a mysterious stranger tackle funky things of geekery, throw a new idea into the mix and tweeterate some answers!

Oh yes. First person to name the beginning of the show wins a prize.

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Lock-In 118 - Question Carvery Time!

3 men bravely step up the plat of questions and listen to the meat of inquiry!

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In the memory of one of cinema's greats, the late Ray Harryhausen (June 29, 1920 – May 7, 2013), Rob, Stu and the oh so irish Mikey grab a film that can only be classed as COWBOYS VS DINOSAURS!

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The Ol Arcade Season 02 Ep 04 - SPOLYGONS!

We return to the Arcade to talk about Pre-Console gaming, if Final Fantasy was rubbish and Renegade.

There's a squeak that keeps appearing. It's not a mouse, but a old and sad table that will be replaced for the next ep.

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Lock-In 117 - Tea and Crumpets with Mairghread Scott

Writer of Rage of the Dinobots and the upcoming Beast Hunters from IDW, Mairghread Scott, decides to take a few moments to talk comics, food and elk. Huge thanks to Mairghread for allowing this to happen to her.

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