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This week's featured songs:

“Transformers Animated Theme” from TF Animated
“The Coronation” by Vince DiCola from Transformers: The Movie ('86)
“Roll Out” by Miracle of Sound
“Transformers Prime Theme” by Brian Tyler
“The Touch” by Xenturion Prime Feat. Truls Haugen
“Angry Birds Transformers Theme” by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meredith
“War, War Stop It” by Shitamichi Kyodai from Beast Wars 2
“Halleluyah” by Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie &
          Ba-Bi-Bu-Be-Bombers from Beast Wars Neo
“The Ballad of Optimus Prime” by Luke Ski
“Rescue Presentation” from Rescue Bots
“The Humbling River” by Puscifer from The Fall of Cybertron game
“Menosaur” from Devastation game
“This is McFeely” by Urizen
“Transform” by Next of Kin
“Scorponok” by Steve Jablaonsky from Transformers
“Do You Realize” by Ursine Vulpine from Transformers: Last Knight
“Dare” by Stan Bush from Transformers: The Movie ('86)

Special Phone Call with Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy

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Radio Free Cybertron

Underbase/Pull Bag Comic Book Crossover


Moonbase 2 Podcast

Welcome to Kima


Fluffenhammer Ep 04 - Whats The State Of Play in 40K: Adam and George sit down to discuss the setting of 8th Ed 40k, and to answer your listener questions!

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Adam and George welcome Simon Skey into the warp-twisted nether of The Fluffenhammer, to discuss at great, great length, Simon's time with Workshop, and a collection of spotlights.

Warning, this episode has terrible audio, and there was not a damn thing we could do about it. You have our utmost apologies.

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The Creaks Ep 05 - The Skinwalker Ranch Spotters Guide - the boys get comfy to lose all faith in existence and discuss the different things you may see at Skinwalker Ranch

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As e3 is occurring Ross, GaryGary and guest Crazy Dave ( follow him on twitch) go through the most interesting games and happenings according to them.

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