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Tricky Tries Ep 02 - Heroes of Cosplay

This time, those Pesky Special Guests have brought horror to the Table Of Tricky. Reality Show Horror! Be afeared, Be scared, Be Warned!

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Lock-In 133 - Behind The Toys with Hauke Scheer

Gruff n Jii have the distinct pleasure of sitting with Hauke Scheer, creator of The Mechawhales, and discussing in the ins and outs of 3d printing toys, what makes the 80's a great time for designers and what not to do with a sausage.

You can find Hauke Scheer's Website HERE:

And the Mechawhale site HERE:

Deep Fried Figures:

And a DeviantArt Page :

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Lock-In 132 - The Dreamwave Roundtable (From The Archives)

The second ever show that we ever did is dredged out of the archives for you "enjoyment", This time round...It's the Dreamwave Era!

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Lock In 131 - Behind The Toys with John Kent

Thanks to @JohnDoctorKent for the time taken tonight to talk about his experiences in bringing back Mordles, Manglors and Roboforce.

You can find these at

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