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Lock-In Ep 49 - Music-A-HOY!


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Rob's Lenten Experiment.

Each day over Lent, Rob (KhaosEnvy) has drawn a brand new piece of art. With Lent now over, each of these pictures are going up on Ebay to raise money for The Alzheimers Society.

Each picture of the Facebook page has a link to the Ebay listing.

So, Dig Deep my friends, and do what you can for a good cause.

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Lock-In EP 48 - COYVOY!

We three add a Mrs Robimus for a special accouncement

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So. Due to forum problems and the like..... You get this. Enjoy!

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EP 46 - Big As A Battleship, Nuff Said.mp3

It's a party of five this week, as to extra guests turn up....with beer!

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Lock-In Ep 45- Utter, Utter Filth

A bit of a mish-mash of a show this week. Many thanks to DHD for stepping in at the last moment.

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