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This month, the track listing was picked by Patron of the Oilhouse, Cassius335.

Also this month, Gruffy has had more coffee than is physically good for you.

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We end this series with a look at both Storm Bringer and Maximum Dinobots. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane

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We enter part 5 of this series by looking at the Spotlight issues that surrounded the Tion Storyline

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We make our fourth entry into this collection with the end of the Tion series

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Part three of our look back at how The Oilhouse began continues

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Continuing the way back machine, we present part 2 of the TION series, with Escalation, recorded way back in 2009

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We go way way way back to the beginnings of The Old Oilhouse, and present the roundtables for IDW's original run of Transformers Comics.

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With technical difficulties and illness abound, we scour the archives of Shut Up And Watch This and come up with... The Rock Lords Movie Comm!

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Due to technical issues in recording this week's show, we shall jump in the way-way-way back machine, and take you back to a very old Old Oilhouse show.
This was first produced in 2009, and was no less than the 5th show and first true roundtable we did.  It also has terrible sound which has been cleaned up as best as possible. 
So, for episode 201, enjoy The Transformers - 2007 Live Action Movie Assassination.

I mean Roundtable!

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