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This time out, Matt grabs a Razz to joing him and Ross over many a path forgotton of curious lore...

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Billy, Gruffy , DHD and Garygary hold down a Millman from Moonbase 2 and force feed him comic book questions

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Join the New Age Oilhouse Outlaws Tricky and Stu as they wrestle all of this weeks Transformers news into a show!

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The last of our month long look at the works of Sir Terry Pratchett delves deep into the Discworld. Gruffy, DHD and podcast virgin Dean "Magrat" Scott talk. At You. A lot.

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Is it Monday again?!

Guess that means it's time for Transformer news with Stu and Tricky!

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This time out, Gruffy takes Tricky and a new-comer to the Oilhouse out beyond the stars to look at the non-discworld works of Sir Terry Pratchett

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Tricky and Stu go through this weeks Transformers news, will you join them?

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From the way back time of 2011, Grufy, Rob and Stu tackle a show that never saved G.I. Joe. It's not renagades... It's Resolute!



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Continuing the Theme Month of Discworld, It's the turn of the Old Arcade to look at the games based on the property.

Be warned, sound equipment was a little...sensitive....



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Join Stu and Tricky as they hunt Easter egg shaped Transformers news!

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Matt takes yet another unlucky victim by the hand, and digs deep into the mind of GodPikachu

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For the start of a month long look at both the Discworld and the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, we cast an eye of the visual media based on said books

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