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Adam and George attemot a quick turnaround episode...and fail. The audio quality of this show has been Catted and has been fixed as best as possible. Check out The Fluffenhammer Facebook group if you want to get in on the Fluffies Awards

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DHD, GaryGary & Wild Bill return with the last show of 2017 taking a look at the very best in gaming this year and the usual news round ups and what we've played recently!

Thanks to Fez musiic for our Intro theme

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For this episode, James, Chris and Adam decide to dig deep into that hariest of mysteries....The Sadquatch.

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The Fluffenhammer ep 10 - Fluffer's Got A Gun - Adam and George sit about to natter on for a while, and get some housekeeping out the way

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DHD, GaryGary & Wild Bill return with a spotlight on the most disappointing games of 2017, games news round-up and the usual stories of what we've played!

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In a mash-up of The Creaks and The Fluffenhammer podcasts, Matt, Adam & George unite to talk about a simple BBC light entertainment Halloween special for all the family called "Ghostwatch" that infamously aired 25 years ago....

What's the worst that can happen?

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DHD, GaryGary, & Wild Bill are back with a look at underrated horror games and the usual what we've played and News!

Biig thanks to Fez musiic for our new Opening Theme check him out on Facebook

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The Fluffenhammer Ep 09 - FLUFFENHAMmeR FILL-IN - With some real life taking over the Fluffenlives, we have a fill-in ep dedicated to the Suffer Not The Alien series on our youtube channel

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After a one month hiatus, OP EN Air returns for more japanese musical glory (and the not so glorious)! 

The Playlist:

Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play (Opening)

Blue Sky Rhapsody (Miss Koboyashi's Dragon Maid Opening 1) by Fhana

Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan (Opening) by Saeko Chiba

R-R-R-Russian Roulette (Dirty Pair TV Opening) by Meiko Nakahara

Mystical Adventure (Dragon Ball Opening) by Hiroki Takahashi

Lupin III (Opening 2) - Lyrical version

Justrizer (Opening) by Mitsuo Nakajima

Timeranger (Opening) by Kumi Sasaki

Baku-Chin Kan-Ryo (Tomica Hero Rescue Fire Opening 2) by JAM Project

One Piece Rap (4Kids TV Opening)

Rock The Dragon (Dragonball Z US Opening 1)

I Ran So Far Away (Knights of the Zodiac opening) by Bowling for Soup

Kaze Wo Tsukinukete (Rockman.Exe Opening)

Excite (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Opening) by Daichi Miura

Kazemachi Jet (Tsubasa Chronicle Ending 2) by Maaya Sakamoto

Zenryoko Summer (Aho-Girl Opening) by Angela

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In Which: The Creaks Boys don't really discuss Montauk very much, but instead discus the ideas around the conspriacy and utter, utter filth and nonsense

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WARNING: this podcast is intended for mature listeners, and has explicit language from the start. 

Welcome to the first episode of The Abyss Stares Back, the podcast where two Londoners (Gerard & Mark) talk about pop culture over drinks!

This month, Gerard and Mark talk about the Transformers Masterpiece toyline. 


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DHD, Gary Gary and Wiild Bill are back with more computer game chatter, gaming news, & Take a look back at the first games listeners completed!

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The Fluffenhammer Ep 08 - Johnny Rotting - George and Adam welcome Dave Mence to the show to discuss his re-entry into the hobby,and discuss Nurgle to great length. Plus! Frogs!

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Welcome to the very first episode of Speed Reading, the Gotta Go Droidcast all about Sonic The Comic, the official UK Sega comic book that ran from 1993 - 2002.

Each episode, Adam Nicol, Matt Clarke, Sam Palmer and Chris McFeely looks at a story arc in chronological order, and give their thoughts.

Here, our heroes talk about the Stay Sonic (essentially the Sonic The Hedgehog story bible) and issues 1 - 5 of STC, where we witness the creation of Northern Tufty! 

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- In Which: The boys take a long hard look at the Russian Wizard, then themselves, and then at a part of male anatomy, then themselves again

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This ep, the boys accidentaly look at all the Chaos Gods, discuss Codex Spame Marines and Chaos Traitor Legions and answer all the questions left by the Facebook Group

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Ross, GaryGary and Wild Bill are back with more gaming chatter, a look at recent gaming news, and look back at peoples earliest gaming memories.

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Recorded live at TF Nation 2017!

Matt, Sami and a sleepy Paul chit chat over anime. Specifically the future of UK streaming, the Brave franchise, Stein's; Gate and how to rescue Berserk so that newbies can get into it.

Opening music by Rory MacFarlane, remixed by Grufflock 

Ending Music by Jayhan 


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 In which, The Boys get baffled by sounds of Germans, discuss the nature of numbers and discover the Sound Of Hell.

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In light of the Brave franchise panel at TF Nation 2017, Matt presents music from the various anime that popped up through the 90's.

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The boys decide it would be a good idea to take on the topic of Vampires.

We leave it to you to decide if we succeed....

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Adam and George go solo together to get into the books andfiction needed to get started into the Worlds of The Workshop, via a warpish excursion into a place that holds the horror of horrors....

Facebook Questions!

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DHD, GaryGary & Wild Bill return for a chat about games movies and what games they would have liked to have seen on the SNES Classic Mini

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THE FLUFFENHAMMER EP 05 - THE ENGINEERING OF WAR - Adam and George set out with Jii Dee to discover the cogs inside the engines of the 40k universe.

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The Creaks Ep 06 - The Scaled Menace - The boys descend into true madness this time out, as they discover the plans and plots of your reptillian overlords!

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In this instalment of All Kaiju Attack!: Mikey is joined by former Oilhouse head honcho Adam / Gruffy as they talk about the 2001 movie "Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! It's GMK on AKA!

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Matt is back with more anime and tokusatsu musical goodness!

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Please send questions, comments and suggestions to @BeatlesDiva on Twitter

Leave a comment and join in on the fun!
Twitter: @TheOldOilhouse

This week's featured songs:

“Transformers Animated Theme” from TF Animated
“The Coronation” by Vince DiCola from Transformers: The Movie ('86)
“Roll Out” by Miracle of Sound
“Transformers Prime Theme” by Brian Tyler
“The Touch” by Xenturion Prime Feat. Truls Haugen
“Angry Birds Transformers Theme” by Vince DiCola and Kenny Meredith
“War, War Stop It” by Shitamichi Kyodai from Beast Wars 2
“Halleluyah” by Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie &
          Ba-Bi-Bu-Be-Bombers from Beast Wars Neo
“The Ballad of Optimus Prime” by Luke Ski
“Rescue Presentation” from Rescue Bots
“The Humbling River” by Puscifer from The Fall of Cybertron game
“Menosaur” from Devastation game
“This is McFeely” by Urizen
“Transform” by Next of Kin
“Scorponok” by Steve Jablaonsky from Transformers
“Do You Realize” by Ursine Vulpine from Transformers: Last Knight
“Dare” by Stan Bush from Transformers: The Movie ('86)

Special Phone Call with Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy

Thanks to all the podcasters who made this show possible!
Please follow them!

TF Nation Podcast


Radio Free Cybertron

Underbase/Pull Bag Comic Book Crossover


Moonbase 2 Podcast

Welcome to Kima


Fluffenhammer Ep 04 - Whats The State Of Play in 40K: Adam and George sit down to discuss the setting of 8th Ed 40k, and to answer your listener questions!

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Adam and George welcome Simon Skey into the warp-twisted nether of The Fluffenhammer, to discuss at great, great length, Simon's time with Workshop, and a collection of spotlights.

Warning, this episode has terrible audio, and there was not a damn thing we could do about it. You have our utmost apologies.

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The Creaks Ep 05 - The Skinwalker Ranch Spotters Guide - the boys get comfy to lose all faith in existence and discuss the different things you may see at Skinwalker Ranch

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As e3 is occurring Ross, GaryGary and guest Crazy Dave ( follow him on twitch) go through the most interesting games and happenings according to them.

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OP/EN Air Anime Radio has become a series! Every month, Matt is back, running a playlist of music dedicated purely to Anime and Tokusatsu!

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Nic returns after a long hiatus to bring you a colorful podcast of artists with pigments in their name.  Enjoy!

  1. "I Got You (I Feel Good") by James Brown  (1966)
  2. "Zungguzungguzungguzeng" by Yellowman (2013)
  3. "Calling You" by Blue October (2006)
  4. "Hush" by Deep Purple (1968)
  5. "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (1988)
  6. "The Pit" by Silversun Pickups (2012)
  7. "Oh Love!" by Green Day (2012)
  8. "You're Not Good Enough" by Blood Orange (2013)
  9. "Gimme Chemicals" by Pink Spiders (2008)
  10. "Death" by White Lies (2008)
  11. "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream (1967)
  12. "Dumb Ways to Die" by Tangerine Kitty (2012)
  13. "Love Roller Coaster" by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1996)
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Wild Bill hosts as DHD, GaryGary & Gruff talk about the upcoming E3 event and what they think will be on show!

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The Fluffenhammer Ep 02 - In-Laws Brought Me Kill Teams - George and Adam welcome Paul Anderson in to talk the fiction and fluff

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Creaks Ep 3 - Down and Dirty Demons - Adam  and James are joined by the third member of our motley crew to dig deep into Demonology

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The Fluffenhammer E 01 - You Knew This Was Coming The Fluffenhammer E 01 - You Knew This Was Coming 

Direct download: fluffenhamer_Ep_01.mp3
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The Creaks Ep 02 - Ghosties - Adam and James begin to dig into all the types of ghost you may find... if you wanted to find

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Wild Bill, Gruff, GaryGary & DHD return for April's Old Arcade Podcast, with a spotlight on Endings for game series that were great!

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The Creaks  - Adam and James do a brief overview of this project, and talk about their favourite cryptid, mythological and spooky tales to give you a taste of the horrors yet to come.  Götterdämmerung!

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An all-music special edition, in tribute to Michael / Nemmy.

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All Kaiju Attack! Where an irish palaeontologist gets his friends to watch through old japanese monster movies, then talk about what they just watched!

This time, Mikey and Matt (Timey), talk about the 1970 Toho movie, Space Amoeba, AKA Yog: Monster from Space!

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Lock-In Ep 300 - The Last Lock-In - And here we are. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in the Lock-In's over the last 8 years, and thank you to everyone who listened.

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Gruffy steps into the shoes of the Lock-In for a prelude and answers questions.

Direct download: Lock-In_296_-_Prelude_and_Answers.mp3
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March's show has Ross, GaryGary, Gruffy & Wild Bill talking about Final Fantasy XV, For Honour, & Primordial, also we read out your contributions for The supporting characters that have stuck in memory through the years in gaming for our spotlight!

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Direct download: Welcome_to_Kimia_EP_104_06-03-17.mp3
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February's show has Ross, GaryGary, Gruffy & Wild Bill talking about Resident Evil & FF XV a lot! We also chat about and read listener's views on games that couldn't live up to the hype they were given!

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The news is kicked off.


Or the Arcadians do. Either / or really.

Direct download: jan_17.mp3
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It's Christmas and the bells are ringing.







Always ringing.

Direct download: OAP_Dec_16.mp3
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The boys get back together to resart the Arcade!

Direct download: OAP_nov_16.mp3
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Direct download: Welcome_to_Kimia_EP_103_20-02-17_TAKE_1.mp3
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Art of Noise - Episode 31: Reel Love

Nic wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day by giving you some of her favorite love songs from the movies.  Thanks to TFG1Mike for helping with the intro and outro.  Hope y'all have a great day of love!

Please send questions, comments and suggestions to @BeatlesDiva on Twitter

Leave a comment and join in on the fun!

Twitter: @TheOldOilhouse

2009 - "You Make My Dreams" from "500 Days of Summer" performed by Hall and Oats
1993 - "All For Love" from "The Three Musketeers" performed Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting
1961 - "Can't Help Falling in Love" from "Blue Hawaii" performed by Elvis Presley
2001 - "St. Vitus' Dance" from "A Knight's Tale" performed by Carter Burwell and Orchestra
1990 - "It Must Have Been Love" from "Pretty Woman" performed by Roxette
1971 - "Don't Be Shy" by from "Harold and Maude" performed by Cat Stevens
1989 - "In Your Eyes" from "Say Anything" performed by Peter Gabriel
2004 - "Accidently in Love" from "Shrek 2" performed by Counting Crows
1986 - "Glory of Love" from "Karate Kid Part II" performed by Peter Cetera
1943 - "As Time Goes By" from "Casablanca" by Dooley Wilson
2000 - "Someday Out of the Blue" from "Road to El Dorado" performed by Elton John
1998 - "Grow Old with You" from "The Wedding Singer" performed by Adam Sandler
1995 - "If I Had Words" from "Babe" performed by Keill'i Rechiel
1968 - "Romeo and Juliet" performed by André Rieu
1987 - "Storybook Love" from "Princess Bride"
Direct download: Episode_31_-_Reel_Love.mp3
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Direct download: Welcome_to_Kimia_EP_102_13-02-17.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:42pm UTC

We return to the Basement for one last go as a regular podcast before it goes on a hiatus.

Speaking of returns and hiatuses, our victim for this one is soon to be former Oilhouse boss Grufflock, who talks about anime movies and other such musings. This is going to be a long one...

NOTE: this podcast is simply riddled with audio and technical difficulties. Matt has ironed it out as much as he can, but there's no escaping the audio quality, sadly.

SPOILER NOTE: We spoil the heck out of Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of the Four Kings, the Guyver 2005 series and Mutronics. 


Direct download: Gruffy_Basement_Master.mp3
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Direct download: Welcome_to_Kimia_EP_101_06-02-17.mp3
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Direct download: Welcome_to_Kimia_EP_100_30-01-17.mp3
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Matt, Sami and Paul unite for the "Season One Finale" and take a look at the best and worst things that happened in the world of Anime in 2016.

Direct download: CyberRitz_2016_Chat.mp3
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