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This week, with Halloween just around the corner, Gruff, DHD and Rob chat a bit about the franchises that make the monsters, the franchise that should be forgotten, and get your thoughts on the horror movie genre.

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 Its October. It's almost Halloween.....

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The Lock In comes in pocket sized this week, and brings a blast from the past of Radio 1.

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After 3 months away, the Arcadians gather to talk about the summer months and the games we've played.

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With the dust settling on the RORC weekend, Jii, Andy and Gruffy get together one last time to discuss the tomfoolery gone by. Visit for more

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It's Saturday Night at Roll Out Roll Call, and almost everyone in the room wants to sleep. But Gruffy won't let them...

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Twas the night before RORC, and all through the house, Gruff, Jii and Andy discuss nonsense.

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With Stu leaving the country for a life well deserved, we sit with both him and JII DEE! to natter nonsense.

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