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Matt makes the mysterious Mikey mutter and muse on the many machinations of Manga and Anime

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Gruffy and Jii sit with filmmaker Jason Trost to discuss his career, elements of film making, Mortal Kombat and Ducks.

After all, whats a Oilhouse without ducks man?


A massive thank you to Mr Trost for taking the time to talk with us.

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Stu and Tricky have a lot of Transformers news again this week! Wont you join them?

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Gruffy, Ross n' Rob eat food and answer your questions! Maybe not in that order though.....

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Tricky and Stu have a lot of TF news this week! Join them!

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Recorded way back in 2011, Gruffy and Rob grab Phill Scott and Chris Vint to discuss Masters Of The Universe Bios!

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It's your weekly dose of Transformers news with Stu and Tricky a whole day early!

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This episode, the Arcadians have a special guest, in the shape of Moonbase 2's CCTFW, otherwise known as Andy Millman. With him in tow, we look at Mortal Kombat!

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