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Lock-In 126 - AA 2013

The lookback at AA begins. Warning! this is a long as hell show, with lots of bits and parts throughout. Enjoy, and roll on AA 2014

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Lock-In 125 - Tea And Crumpets with James Roberts

After kidnapping James Roberts just his AA was coming to an end, we begin chatting. And chatting. And we barely even scratched the surface. Enjoy!

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Happy Hour EP 25 - AA 2013

The post AA shows begin. First up, it's the long-killed off happy hour, in a very loud bar... very late at night. The background noise makes it a little difficult at times, but we hope you enjoy.

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Road To AA Ep 08 - Sprite, White and Williams

This is it guys! The last Road to AA is here! And it is..... wow. It's a beautiful moment in time, caught forever....

Sprite - @Spritebot

Adam White - @Ad8m

Simon "Wonder Man" Williams - @SoulManInc

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Road to AA 007 - Carter N' Paler

The end is nigh! The final stretch is in sight! Kris Carter (@Drivaar) and Sam Palmer (@Sam_Palmer_37) join us us for this next to final episode!

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Road To AA Ep 006 - Brad N' Luffy

It's gettin' closer. Oilhouse First Timers Beautiful Brad and Lovely Luffy take us..take us..Look. This just gets weird fast okay? Just sit sit back and enjoy....

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Road to AA Ep 005 - Chris N' Andy

For this stretch, Messrs Chris McFeely (@chrismcfeely) and Andrew Turnbull (@AndrewDTurnbull) both pull up a chair and continue the journey

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Road To AA Ep 004  -Tricky and Daniel

The road continues with a Happy Hour theme. Tricky (@tricky1414) and daniel (
@lshajaghhhhkljklrammmmm4555544455 / @llahsram555) proceed to talk on Auto Asembly and various things of that ilk.

P.S. Tricky's fake name is Mark. Just so you know.

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Road to AA 003 - Mr Ben and Mr Dave

The Road gets a bit silly... Dave (@Kalelprime) makes his second appearance on the Oilhouse and for the second time, destroys the audio. Mr Benn's Collectable (@benscollectables) also appears and looks on at the sight of a rampage, mead obsessed duo twitter on about masked men. Please. Feel sorry for Mr Benn.

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Road to AA 002 - Mikey n Andy

The Road Continues! Follow the path to debauchary with those dirty Moonbase 2 dwellers, Andy (@cctfw) and Mikey (@IrishPalaeo)

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Road To AA 001 - Matt n' Bob

The Road To AA starts here. We get Matt (@Timey2Wimey) and Bob (@toku_bob) in to begin the chatter!CCVCMN

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