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NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded for the Nerdsphere Network quite some time ago. It's audio quality is ropey due to it's archival nature. 

Matt and Adam watch the entire VHS of the Ninja Turtles musical, the "Comin' Out of Their Shells" world tour for the first time from start to finish, and record their reactions for YOUR amusement!

Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy trip....

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NOTE: Previously thought lost (as described in the last Guyvercast podcast), this podcast was originally released on the Nerdsphere Network on March 2014. A Big thank you to Cassius 335 for the discovery.


Matt, Simon and the Two Pauls chit chat over Data 3 of the Guyver OVA series!

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Sadly, episodes 3 & 4 of the Guyvercast appear to have been permanently lost from the Nerdsphere archive. We will be back with episode 5 (Covering Data 5 of the original OVA series) in May.

EDIT: Thanks to Oilhouse community member Cassius 335, the missing episodes 3 & 4 have been recovered, and will be uploaded as planned. Dark Hero will still be uploaded in April.

For the months of March & April, we'll be uploading commentaries from the Nerdsphere commentary series Shut Up & Watch This! 

Team Guyvercast (Matt, Simon and the Two Pauls) watch the amercian live action Guyver movie, Mutronics. Three guys hate it, one loves it.

Next month, we'll be uploading the sequel, Dark Hero!

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NOTE: this Lock-In was originally recorded for the Nerdsphere Network podcast "Shut Up & Watch This!" in 2012.

Matt is taken by Gruffy on a headache-inducing trip through the 90s Sonic the Hedgehog anime from ADV.

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In February, Matt, Paul and Sami recorded a podcast so riddled with problems, it was unsuitable for release, so instead, here's a small discussion recapping what they thought.

Also, the latest anime news, listener response, what our hosts bought and watched over the last 2 months, a secret asian hijacking the skype, and more Berserk gushing!

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Lock-In 255 - Gruffy Underground!

NOTE: The following podcast was originally a segment from an older Nerdsphere Network series, Commentary Roulette. It has some audio problems, plus may contain references to the rest of the podcast not featured here in it's entirety.

Whilst Grufflock's away, Matt has taken over the Lock-In for the rest of March. He's dug out a special treat from the archives....

Matt and Moonbase 2's Andy conspire to "treat" Grufflock to his own personal hell: watching an episode of Sonic Underground! (Episode 40, if you want to play along!). Back to the Eighties' Becca Doxy also tags along for the ride.

I'd say we're sorry, but we're not. Enjoy the insanity!

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Art Of Noise Ep 15 - With Matt Clarke - At 2 hours long, this is the largest Art of Noise yet, however the chatter is plentiful, the music loud and the nonsense level is at it's highest

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NOTE: This podcast is new, however, it was recorded in the spring of 2015 and the footage was lost until recently. It will have some distortion, as well as some out of date information. 

The Razzi Bear from Canada joins Matt for a chat about anime.

You can find Razzi reviewing Transformers comics in the podcast "Iaconic Reviews".


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Lock-In 254 - From The Archives - War For Cybertron

Lets take a look back to heady days when High Moon unleashed a game that supassed all expectations. This episode was recorded back in 2010.

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The Old Arcade Ep 61 - Virtual Normality

Join us as the Arcadians ride out once more to discuss the games they play and the future of VR tech

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For the first time in quite a while, Matt & Adam unite for a nice chin-wag!

Yes, the man who pays the bills steps into the Basement, and he's brought tapes....

Prepare Yourself for epic talking! Epic digression! Lactose intolerance! But most importantly: epic anime!

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Join us today, as we look back at the best Megaman clone you've never heard of

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