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Lock In 121 - The Rage and The Wrath

Rob, Ross n Adam take the Lock-In by the horns and inserts a whole new load of segments for your enjoyment!

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Lock-In 120 - Riding A Wild Bill

A bit of an odd show this time out, but full of the vim and vigour you've come to expect.

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OOA EP 07 - E3 Part 2 - The Consoles

The E3 crazy continues, beginning with the answer to Whats That Sound? And new consoles talk via piracy and possibly dinosaurs.

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OOA EP 06 - E3 Part One - The Games

Gruff, Ross, Wildbill and GARYGARRRRRRRRY begin a two part look at E3. This ep is alll about the games.

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RT 36 - Game Of Thrones Season One

it's a spoilercast! Be warned as Andy, Tricky and Gruffy attempt to unravel the first season of Game of Throne to..mixed results!

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OOA S2 EP05 - The Sounds Of Childhood

The Ol' Arcade Sings for its supper

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