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Lock-In 130 - Ghostbusters For Halloween

Due to plans falling apart last moment, Gruff, Rob, Becca and a hastily kidnapped Jii sat down to watch 2 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.

When Halloween Was Forever


Mr Sandman.

This is the tale of that endeavor, decided, recorded and organized in under a hour....

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The Arcade opens once again to talk about anything other than the topics in hand. Zombie games are spotlighted and all your base are belong to Teasedale.

You can find As Long As We Live HERE

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Art Of Noise Ep 17 - The Smell of Cinema

The Art of Noise takes a quick trip through a world of moviethemes, before detouring into a long talk with that talkativetriggercon... Tricky!

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From The Archives! As Picked by Colin Duff / @Duffinism

Be warned, the sound quality of this show is ....pretty bad. It was recorded on our original equipment, which was quite terrible.

Grufflock, DarkAgeis and Khaosenvy AKA Khaosenvy AKA Rob discuss the Transformers series that brought the old fans back into the fold.

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Lock-In 128  - Transformers The Movie (1986) Commentary

Originally planned as one of our Anniversary shows for Quick, Change The Channel, I feel that Gruff, Rob and Stu sitting and watching the 1986 TF movie should be a Lock-In and a Lock-In only.

After all..... Its a good film... Isn't it?

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