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Art Of Noise ep 14 - The Most Final Of Fantasies - The theme this week is Final Fantasy as Gruffy forgets your favourite tracks from games you may remember playing!

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[Originally released on The Nerdsphere Network in February 2014]

In this month's episode, Matt, Simon and the two Pauls talk about cheese!

Plus the Guyver OVA episode "Battle of the Guyvers".

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Lock-In 252 - A Con-Versation - Gruff, Tricky and Ad8m sit back and discuss conventions of the past,  the memories of such and what TFNation has in store

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Lock-In 251 - Neighbours Vs Zombies - Gruff and Abi tackle one of the oddest things Australian Media has show us. And it's not Round The Twist.

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We recorded a Violence Jack roundtable. It's crap, so we scrapped it.

Instead, here's a Nerdsphere Network re-upload from 2013, it's subject matter isn't anime, nor is it japanese.

So why is it on CyberRitz?


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As a test for a ongoing idea... we introduce you to the idea of The String Runners and show you what a Lock-In RPG sounds like....

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CyberRitz: All Kaiju Attack!

A new show from the makers of CyberRitz. Every now and then, Mikey and Matt look at an entry in the popular monster movie franchises, whether it be Godzilla, Gamera or even Mothra! Then they podcast about it.

In this pilot episode, originally recorded in 2014 for the Nerdsphere Network, they chat all over the original 1954 Godzilla / Gojira movie. Future shows will be in roundtable form, and chosen randomly from a list.

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Lock- In 249 An Accidential Incident - We planned to sit down and discuss a topic... and then this happened. Enjoy!

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There is an Irishman in the Basement, and he has stuff on his mind. Also, Matt gets angry over Japanese Superman.... again.

CyberRitz AKA: All Kaiju Attack, coming soon!

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LOCK-IN 248 - SO MANY QUESTIONS, SO LITTLE TIME - We return with the first true Lock-In of the year. We hope you are....ready.

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