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Lock-In 130 - Ghostbusters For Halloween

Due to plans falling apart last moment, Gruff, Rob, Becca and a hastily kidnapped Jii sat down to watch 2 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters.

When Halloween Was Forever


Mr Sandman.

This is the tale of that endeavor, decided, recorded and organized in under a hour....

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  • The cartoon is supposed to be the "real" continuity. The events depicted in the films are supposed to be BASED on "real" events that happened to the "real" Ghostbusters. So both sides are partially right. Also, the title "Real" was actually added because Filmation owned the rights to the name Ghostbusters [Colombia Pictures bought the rights to use the name for the movie] and made their own cartoon before Colombia did. The Filmation series is actually based on a short lived 1975 live action series and uses the sons of the cast of original series and their gorilla who was also in the original series. The Colombia/DIC series used "Real" in order to let children know that this was the cartoon based on the movie.

    posted by: CM on 2013-11-01 14:04:17

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