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ART OF NOISE EP 19 - WIERD AND WESTERN - The theme for this month is the wild west of music from your favourite films and games

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NOTE: This podcast was originally released on the Nerdsphere Network on May 2014.

Matt, Simon and the two Pauls talk over the penultimate instalment of "Season One" of the OVA series. GUYVER DIES?!

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Smarks Nest Ep 04- Smarking In The Streets - With Mike still in Canada, Ross once again goes solo to bring you brand spanky news with brand spanky pants!

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Lock-In 270 - (LITL) -Dreams In The George House - For this second of the new Lurkers episodes, Andy and Gruff grab The Curious George to discuss Dreams In The Witch House, and Lovecraft in general.

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Lock-In 269 - Lurkers In The Lobby -  Cast A Deadly Spell - For this return to The Lurkers, Andy and Gruff grab the Sugar Bear himself to wallow in some Lovecraftian tomfoolery.

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The Smarks Nest Ep 03 - Smarking It Alone - This week's show is a solo outing, with just Ross keeping the candles lit in the squared circle.

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Lock-In 286 - Pocket - Video Visions Street Fighter - For this final pocket ep for this run, we look at Alan Stares' Street Fighter The Movie article

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For this pocket episode, we take a article from the Bad Movie Apologist himself, and quickly take a look at Split Second from 1992

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