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Originally uploaded onto The Nerdsphere Network in January 2014, Matt, Simon and the Two Pauls look at all 12 instalments of the 90's Guyver OVA series, one a month, for an entire year, in a series of commentaries. 

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Matt meets the man with the mighty afro where they talk Toonami, CNX and Manga in this month's voyage into the abyss known as the Basement.

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Slick N Tricky take a young Duckbats by the hand, and lead her through a world of mystery, of hair gel, and of possibly the best retelling of Greek myth ever put to film...

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Projector Room recorded back in 2013! In the first episode we discuss THE ORPHANAGE and are joined by special guest Paul "Logan Blaze" Anderson. Enjoy!

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ART_OF_NOISE_13_-__Batdancing_In_The_Moonlight - The theme for this month is a grown rich man playing cosplay whilst beating on the poor! Not David Camereon, but BATMAN!

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Gruff n Andy take a look at one of the biggest 80's franchises, and how it tries to bring in the elements of the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Also....Added Mikey rises from his dirt ridden dinosaur nest!

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This time out, Gruffy, Andy and er... another Andy (Turnbull) talk about.. actually.. These three do everything in their power to not talk about The Dunwich Horror from 2009.

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Gruffy, Andy and a man named Colin walk hand in hand down a dark and lonely path to a house of evil. There... We watch 2011's Whisperer In The Darkness by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

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CyberRitz 2015 Chat - The Boys sit around Matt's Lap and discuss at length the last year in the world of Anime

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