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Gruff takes a suggestion from one Nicole D.Hale... AND RUNS WITH IT.

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NOTE: This podcast was originally released in June 2014.

Matt, Simon and the Two Pauls chat over the finale to "Season 1" of the Guyver OVA series, and give their overall thoughts to the series so far. They also recorded this pretty late into the night, so things get a little weird....

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Ross turns up the heat, and turns down the lights to bring you the best in Wrasslin Words!

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NOTE: This podcast was originally released in 2013.

Adam & Matt wrap up Turtles week by looking at the mid to late 00's CGI movie, TMNT. It's Leo Vs Raph to see who's the better mutant ninja. Who will win?

Thank you to every one who stuck with us these last 7 days, and to those who asked us if these commentaries will every see the life of day again. More will come..... eventually. But for now, thats every Turtles commentary on the Oilhouse server. Enjoy!

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Smarks Nest ep 06 - Smark Investment - Wrassling with wordings retunings! Ross tackles the news of the WWE once more!

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NOTE: This podcast was originally released on The Nerdsphere Network in 2012.

Turtles Week invades the Electrical Emporium this month, as Matt and Gruffy chit chat over the 2-part japanese continuation of the original Turtles cartoon: Superman Legend. This becomes more of a reaction audio for Matt, as he never saw the second episode up until this recording. The results are...... well, listen for yourself.

Tomorrow, we wrap up Turtles Week with the mid-00s CGI movie, TMNT!

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Lock-In Episode 275: Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation

NOTE: This podcast was originally released in 2013. 

Matt and Adam batton down the hatches and prepare for a bumpy ride! Two episodes of the Next Mutation are there to be talked over, and they're foolish enough of tackle them.

The CyberRitz Special "An Now For Something Completely Different", found elsewhere on, is set after this podcast. A small snippet is included as an extra at the end. Speaking of CyberRitz, stay tuned tomorrow, as Turtles week continues onto the anime realm, as Matt and Adam look at the OVA, Superman Legend!

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