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Road To AA Ep 08 - Sprite, White and Williams

This is it guys! The last Road to AA is here! And it is..... wow. It's a beautiful moment in time, caught forever....

Sprite - @Spritebot

Adam White - @Ad8m

Simon "Wonder Man" Williams - @SoulManInc

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Road to AA 007 - Carter N' Paler

The end is nigh! The final stretch is in sight! Kris Carter (@Drivaar) and Sam Palmer (@Sam_Palmer_37) join us us for this next to final episode!

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Road To AA Ep 006 - Brad N' Luffy

It's gettin' closer. Oilhouse First Timers Beautiful Brad and Lovely Luffy take us..take us..Look. This just gets weird fast okay? Just sit sit back and enjoy....

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