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  • Links; Maybe they'll do a 'cerebros' for him (Full-Tilt or Brunt?), or just stick with a 'traditional' attached head. A deluxe Hot Rod, for those that missed the many issues of the CHUG Rodimus mold, or just didn't like it!; The Swoop-head companion-'vehicle' should be Graphy, but that is a bit of a niche reference, a bit like Lione!; Poor Fangry, another one denied a big-bot body, the list grows - Apeface, Squeezeplay(Crashbash), Horribull(Terri-Bull), Nightbeat, Siren(Loudmouth), Grimlock(Clobber), Flywheels(Skytread), Swop(Ptero) - let's see what they do for Snapdragon, or Hosehead.; The long awaited third Decepti-bug, now we can expect Ransack and Barrage re-paints to go with ChopShop - what about Venom!!!; Yeah, yeah, another OP.; Thanks for Unicron, now can we have a flame-coloured (UK G1-Marvel-style) Primus? Outro

    posted by: Rich (@CreatronUK) on 2016-08-03 09:18:56

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