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  • Links; many, many cosplayers and such a high standard , it was also nice that the weekend was NOT full-on despite the astounding number of guests (the Original Thirteen), so meals/breaks could be taken and the other halls could be visited at leisure the Unrustables were described as intended to be a new and separate concept with it's own backstory and character roster - that just happen to be transforming robot toys seeing the pandinus and devil stinger in the plastic made my wallet weep , and the Mastermind Creations pieces helped me decide which to dodge - yeah, sorry, Deaths Head yes, Hasbro, we did ask for it, but I wants me a Scrounge without the rest - good home offered to any unwanted Scrounge out there! Outro

    posted by: Rich (@CreatronUK) on 2016-08-23 10:01:38

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