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Smarks Nest Episode 2 - Street Smarks

Smarks Nest Episode 2 - Street Smarks -  Ross and Mike once again get together to discuss men in lycra.

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[NOTE] This podcast, although new, was originally intended to be a part of an aborted CyberPunk theme month running throughout the Oilhouse site and it's podcasts in the autumn of 2015, and was recorded last July, originally produced to be episode 7, so no Sami, and Ross is mentioned as still being on the show. The sound quality is from a third party source, so it's a little muffled. Despite this, enjoy!

Matt and Paul are joined by Old Oilhouse boss Gruffy to talk about anime's connection to the growing cyberpunk trends in the 80s and 90s, as well as their relevance in today's technology. 

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