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Sadly, episodes 3 & 4 of the Guyvercast appear to have been permanently lost from the Nerdsphere archive. We will be back with episode 5 (Covering Data 5 of the original OVA series) in May.

EDIT: Thanks to Oilhouse community member Cassius 335, the missing episodes 3 & 4 have been recovered, and will be uploaded as planned. Dark Hero will still be uploaded in April.

For the months of March & April, we'll be uploading commentaries from the Nerdsphere commentary series Shut Up & Watch This! 

Team Guyvercast (Matt, Simon and the Two Pauls) watch the amercian live action Guyver movie, Mutronics. Three guys hate it, one loves it.

Next month, we'll be uploading the sequel, Dark Hero!

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