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Ross, GaryGary and Wild Bill are back with more gaming chatter, a look at recent gaming news, and look back at peoples earliest gaming memories.

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Recorded live at TF Nation 2017!

Matt, Sami and a sleepy Paul chit chat over anime. Specifically the future of UK streaming, the Brave franchise, Stein's; Gate and how to rescue Berserk so that newbies can get into it.

Opening music by Rory MacFarlane, remixed by Grufflock 

Ending Music by Jayhan 


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 In which, The Boys get baffled by sounds of Germans, discuss the nature of numbers and discover the Sound Of Hell.

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In light of the Brave franchise panel at TF Nation 2017, Matt presents music from the various anime that popped up through the 90's.

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The boys decide it would be a good idea to take on the topic of Vampires.

We leave it to you to decide if we succeed....

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